woensdag 12 augustus 2009

I finally got it, yes!

I really wanted to get a sharktoothnecklace, and I finally got one!
I'm so happy, cause I think they're so cool!

I got this one @ a surfers shop in Zierikzee, the Netherlands.

I went shopping, and ...

I've bought 4 items for only like 44 euros!
This top was only 2,99!

this t-shirt was 12,95 a little more expensive, but it's a shirt that like belongs to me, because I LOOOVE wearing all stars. I wear them like... ALWAYS! So I really needed to get this one.

And then my third item. It's also a top for 2,99!
And now, you're probably wondering what my fourth item is.
I'm going to show you my fourth item soon. I can't show you now cause I haven't made a picture of it, but I will soon, cause I like it very much!
It's a really lovely blazer and I had seen it before (when I went shopping in Amsterdam with my friends!) but I was second-guessing because I thought it was a little bit expensive. But now I have bought it and it even was 10 euro off! (sale: i love it!)
All items from the bershka!

zaterdag 8 augustus 2009

i'm in love, again, again...

It's summer and I have lots of free time to shop!
One day I went shopping with my cousin and:
I've bought this really fun jeanssuit. It fits reaaaaally comfortable.
And I just ADORE this little peace of clothing!
An other day I went shopping at Amsterdam with my friends and:
I bought a really cute dress. It's made of wool and it's sooo nice!