zaterdag 24 maart 2012

Gelato con amore!

Dear followers,

I quit the dull job, because I got a new one! Last week on friday I had a job interview for a job at an ice cream parlour (Talamini). It went really well and now I'm scooping ice cream! I've worked there two days now and I really like it. The people I've worked with so far are nice, it involves variation, helping custumors (something I like) and you can take some ice cream home after working! :)
I'm still learning how to make a good espresso, late machiatto etc. (work in progress, haha), but that will come! Talamini makes the ice cream itself and the ice cream is completely natural. It tastes really good and there are a lot of flavours you can choose from: cheesecake, lemon pie, apple pie, amarena, pear, lemon, raspberry, mango, banana, strawberry, vanilla, (white) chocolate, málaga, yoghurt limoncello, pistachio, panna cotta, dolce di latta, caramel, cookies, after eight, amaretto, tiramisù, walnut, hazelnut and more... :)
And workday!

Some other nice news:
  • I've booked a holiday with my friends. We're going to Málaga! I'm so excited, because I have lived there for 4 and a half months with one of my friends! It's going to be so much fun, because we know all the nice places to be (will be so much fun to be there again) and there are lots of stuff to do there! And...there's sun&beach!
  • I'm playing lots of tennis! When I was in Spain I didn't play any tennis at all. Actually, I barely did anything that looked like exercising at all (well, if you include dancing it's not that bad, haha, because I did thát a lot)! So, now I'm back into business! And the spring competition is beginning soon, so I will have to be at my tennis-best on the 9th of april!
  • Tomorrow I'm going to go to my uncle and aunt in Herkingen, Zeeland, Netherlands. It's really nice there. We're going there for my uncle's birthday. He is a sheep farmer and a lot of lambs have been born, so we can look at the little fuzzy and soft creatures all day long if we want to! And everytime we are there it's relaxing. You're at a farm with nice surroundings and with your family: i'm looking forward to tomorrow!  

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