maandag 9 december 2013

Bedankt Sinterklaas!

Last Saturday I celebrated Sinterklaas with my family. We bought each other presents and we had a great night eating & talking together and unpacking our presents. This is what I got:

1. A hair turban to put my hair in when I've washed it. I haven't tried it yet, but it must be really nice for keeping all of my hair together to dry. 

2. Three nail polishes inside off a christmas ball you can hang in a christmas tree. It contains a red, silver and gold glitter nail polish. 

3. A clutch! I really wanted a new clutch and now I've gotten a really nice one from Sinterklaas! 

I'm not totally sure, but I think my presents are from the Primark. I'm happy with the things I got from Sinterklaas. What did you guys get?

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