donderdag 31 oktober 2013

Favorite products of the moment

1. Schwarzkopf shampoo Cream & Oil
A shampoo for hair with split-ends with Argan Oil and Vanilla blossem. Comes in a bottle from 400 ml. I really like the smell of this shampoo and it makes my hair feel soft and nice.

It restores and conditions the hair to the core:
- Build damaged hair and reduces hair breakage
- Seals the hair fibers and repairs split ends
- For more resistance, flexibility and gloss

2. Niveau bodylotion for under the shower
You just put this on like a showercream. It's really quick in use and makes your skin really soft. I love it!

3. Gosh minérale eye shadow
I'm not really an eye shadow person, but I really like these ones from Gosh. They give a subtle look.

001 mat (primer)
008 violet
007 light blue
003 brown

4. Garnier hydrating day & night cream
The suvstance feels smooth and it's not difficult to apply on your face. It feels good on the skin and I like the smell. It makes my face feel really fresh.

5. Prodent White Now Toothpaste
You just need a little bit toothpaste and it tastes really fresh.

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