dinsdag 15 oktober 2013

No milk | week 1

It's been a week now and I must say it's pretty damn hard. Not being able to eat lots of things I love. For example: yesterday I was craving for a Kinder Bueno, because they are sooo delicious, but I shouldn't eat them. I wanted that Kinder Bueno so bad, but I resisted the temptation.
Also, I ate lots of cheese. But I shouldn't eat my beloved "jong belegen" cheese anymore... that makes me a little bit sad, because that's also soo delicious. I'm glad I CAN eat old Amsterdammer (also a cheese, but older so it's okay), so I don't have to live without any cheese at all. 

There are special product available for people with lactose intolerance. All the products from Alpro for instance. This week I was getting used to the flavour of Alpro products,which is a bit different than normal yoghurt/milk/etc. I've tried 1) mild&creamy strawberry 2) mild&creamy vanilla and 3) blauwe bosbes yoghurtvariatie (blueberry yoghurtvariation). 

1) mild&creamy strawberry
I had to get used to the taste, but now I think it's a good substitute for yoghurt with strawberry taste.  

2) mild&creamy vanilla
Good substitute for yoghurt with vanilla taste. I used it with some Cruesli (from Quacker) and it tasted really good.  

3) blauwe bosbes yoghurtvariatie (blueberry yoghurtvariation)

Although the color is really purple, it tasted super! From all these 3 products, this is my favorite!

So, I survived this week. Let's see if I will make it through the next one. 

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